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Christopher interviews Sarah Little Turnbull at Icograda Design Week in Seattle in 2006. Ms. Turnbull is a key figure in the development of ethnographic research methods to better understand customers and to improve design.

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Customers don’t care what you say, until they know how much you care. They’re jaded by appealing advertising slogans that are followed by selfish corporate behaviors. Start by aligning your organization around a simple, genuine promise and set out to deliver and to delight.

Brand Experience Marketing

Brand Experience Marketing
This simple formula is an outline for my approach to multiplying the power of marketing. This method is called “Brand Experience Marketing” and it’s focused on the alignment of external branding with internal operations to ensure that the company delivers on promises made in advertising. The main elements of brand experience marketing are customer orientation, the brand promise, and delivering a delightful customer experience that is consistent with the promise. All of this is in the context of the global marketplace. When an organization (for profit or not) begins to develop momentum and the customer sees that the experi- ence of interacting with the organization is not only what was promised, but delightful, you begin to win the trust of the customer. The customer gets the message that the orgazation actually cares about them by their thoughtfulness and consistent actions.

People use other words for talking about brand experience marketing. Some of these are Integrated Market- ing Communications (IMC), or Experiential Marketing. Much of what Jim Collins describes in his book Good to Great describes this process as well.

Brand experience marketing has been a key focus for me since about 2002. Some of my mentors in this disci- pline have been as follows:

David Polinchock, founder of Brand Experience Lab, New York City
Ken Foster, consultant and professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, University of Utah
David Rogers, executive director, Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School
Bernd Schmitt, professor, Columbia Business School and author of Customer Experience Management

I have done brand experience consulting for the following companies:
American Express, Time Warner, World Trade Centers Association, World Trade Week NYC, Tegris Advisors, State of Utah, Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business, Brigham Young University Department of Mathematics and Kennedy Center for International Studies.

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