Guggenheim MuseumThe culture map to the right was originally
presented as part of Ogilvy & Mather’s Verge
Conference at the Guggenheim Museum in
New York City in 2004. It was presented at
the same time as an experiment on mass
customization called, “Name Poetry” shown

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Click on the countries shown in the map below to see fundamental differences between cultures. This map is based on research data developed and collected by Geert Hofstede of the Netherlands since the 1960s.

Culture Map

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Hofstede’s theory is that just 5 cultural dimensions or scales, can give a good head start in understanding
differences between cultures. The 5 dimensions are as follows:

> Small vs. Large Power Distance
> Collectivism vs. Individualism
> Masculine vs. Feminine
> Uncertainty Avoidance
> Long- vs. Short-Term Orientation

See “Hofstede's Framework for Assessing Culture” on Wikipedia for an explanation of these dimensions

Hofstede’s work is taught in business schools worldwide. I spent several years working with practitioners and
investigating these theories and their application to cross-cultural design. I have found these dimensions to
be a good starting point in understanding some basic differences between cultures. This data is presented by
kind permission of Mr. Hofstede.

Links and Consultants
The following is a list of consultants and resources related to Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

The official Geert Hofstede site

Hofstede on Wikipedia

Books by Geert Hofstede

Consultants who use Hofstede’s methodologies

I have worked with each of the following consultants in my studies on world cultures. I thought it would be
helpful to provide links to them.

Huib Wursten
ITIM International
Huib Wursten’s profile
ITIM are the consultants closest to the source in using Hofstede’s theories in consulting and training. I invited
partner Huib Wursten to speak with me to the World Trade Centers World Congress in Geneva in 2004. He
was a pleasure to work with and a remarkable speaker and trainer.

Aaron Marcus
Aaron Marcus and Associates
Aaron and I have served on the board of the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design together since 2002. He
is one of the leaders worldwide in applying Hofstede’s theories to marketing and visual communications. He
also presents his Cross-Cultural Workshop to audiences worldwide on a regular basis. Interface design is one
of their specialties.

David Timothy
Berlitz Cross-Cultural
Berlitz Cross-Cultural licensed a version of the above Culture Map for use in their training program. David and
his team are knowledgeable in using Hofstede’s material. Their work mainly focuses on training expats for
corporations, but would be able to apply it elsewhere.

Sheida Hodge
Hodge International Advisors
Sheida is a speaker and consultant based in Seattle. Her work is also mainly focused on training expats. She
is the former director of cross-cultural training at Berlitz. When I knew her, she was a solo practitioner. It
looks like her practice has grown.

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