Christopher and his daughter at the Great Wall near Beijing in May 2008. He was leading the AIGA Design Expedition to China, the first known trade mission of U.S. Designers to China.

Note: In 2008 I sold my agencies, Meyer & Liechty, Inc. and Dialect Brand Translation, LLC. and took an in-house job at a community bank in Utah called Bank of American Fork. It's been a good move for both professional and family reasons. The bank is extremely well run — among the top performing banks nationwide. There are exciting marketing challenges due to growth trends and I get to be home more. I was travelling a lot. The agencies are operating under the name Dialect with a focus on translating the brand, not just the words. Visit them at: http://dialectbrand.com

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The Brand Explorer

03/23/2016 12:55 AM
Dreams of Peace with Cuba Coming True
2005 poster design by Cuban designer Olivio Martinez for AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau
2005 poster design by Cuban designer Olivio Martinez for
AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and Cuban design
organizations Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau and Prografica.
In 2003 I was president of the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design. Some of our team members in Los Angeles, including Toni O'Bryan proposed a collaboration with Cuban design organizations Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau and Prográfica. With the embargo, it was risky. But with the pro bono guidance of a top New York attorney, with expertise in dealing with Cuba and the Treasury Department, we found a safe way. We focused on simply sharing information and ideas and to produce posters promoting peace between the United States and Cuba. The team even traveled to Cuba with proper permissions.

2005 poster design by Cuban designer Julieta Mariño for AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau
2005 poster design by Cuban designer Julieta Mariño
AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design and Cuban design
organizations Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau and Prografica.
This collaboration led to the creation of seventy posters by an equal number of Cuban and U.S. designers on a variety of subjects. The overall theme and name of the program was Sharing Dreams Compartiendo Sueños: Cuba and the U.S. Cross the Digital Divide. The program ran from 2004 through 2008 and the posters were exhibited everywhere from Havana to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and many other locations in the U.S. 

Today's visit by President Obama's to Cuba is a major milestone in having these dreams come true. The Cuban people are far from free, but at least the senseless U.S. embargo is ending. 

Here's to peace and freedom for the Cuban people!

See the posters and read more about the Sharing Dreams / Compartiendo Sueños program.
09/26/2015 05:19 PM
CrossCulturalDesign URL Donation
I am looking to donate the URLs CrossCulturalDesign.org and .com to an organization that can put them to good use. I am assuming this will be a nonprofit somewhere in the world and I hope it will be used to educate designers and marketers and promote good will and understanding across cultures. I will also entertain proposals for purchase from for-profit companies.

Send proposals to info (at) christopherliechty (dot) com
03/14/2015 11:26 PM
In celebration of Pi Day 3.14.15, 9:26 -- Once in a century
Happy Pi Day 2015! My children and I are posting this at the minute matching the 8th decimal of Pi in celebration of this once in a century Pi day.

I recognize this is a U.S.-centric Pi day because of the way we use the mm/dd/yy format. Even the time format is culturally specific, but hey, this is fun.

I'm an artist, designer and marketer with not a lot of math education, but I also love math. One of my best friends since high school, Dr. Tyler Jarvis, has a PhD from Princeton and is now a math professor at BYU. I love to explore the outer reaches of math theory with Tyler and I look for opportunities to learn more about math along the way.

In celebration of 3.14.15, 9:26, here are a few Youtube videos that I have found about Pi.

The history of Pi.

Why are the Simpsons in a base-10 world when they only have 8 fingers? by Numberphile

Pi in Dominos

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Brand Experience Marketing“Brand Experience Marketing” is focused on the alignment of external branding with internal operations to ensure that the company delivers on the promises made via advertising. When an organization (for profit or not) begins to develop momentum and the customer sees that the experience of interacting with the organization is not only what was promised, but delightful, you begin to win the trust of the customer. The customer gets the message that the orgazation actu- ally cares about them and this is communicated by the thoughtful- ness and consistent actions of the organizaiton. People use other words for talking about brand experience market- ing. Some of these are Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), or Experiential Marketing. The book Good to Great, by Jim Collins is another way of describing this process.

Culture Map

Culture Map This map of cultural differences is based on the research of Geert Hofstede and was created as part of my studies in cross-cultural communica- tion. Later the map was licensed by Berlitz for use in cross-cultural training of expatriates.
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